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Mechanical Engineering

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Keith E. Rouch


Rotor dynamic analysis, which requires extensive amount of data and rigorous analytical processing, has been eased by the advent of powerful and affordable digital computers. By incorporating the processor and a graphical interface post processor in a single set up, this program offers a consistent and efficient approach to rotor dynamic analysis. The graphic user interface presented in this program effectively addresses the inherent complexities of rotor dynamic analyses by linking the required computational algorithms together to constitute a comprehensive program by which input data and the results are exchanged, analyzed and graphically plotted with minimal effort by the user. Just by selecting an input file and appropriate options as required, the user can carry out a comprehensive rotor dynamic analysis (synchronous response, stability analysis, critical speed analysis with undamped map) of a particular design and view the results with several options to save the plots for further verification. This approach helps the user to modify the design of turbomachinery quickly, until an efficient design is reached, with minimal compromise in all aspects.