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Master of Science (MS)

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Dr. K. V. Yeagan


Coleomegilla maculata is a beneficial coccinellid commonly found in sweet cornfields in Kentucky. Previous work on C. maculata has shown an ovipositional preferencefor the weed Acalypha ostryaefolia, compared to three selected weed species and corn. Also, predation of C. maculata egg clusters on A. ostryaefolia was less compared toclusters on corn and the presence of A. ostryaefolia led to higher densities of C. maculata larvae on corn.

I determined C. maculata ovipositional preference among weed species in fieldtests using nine common weeds. I also examined ovipositional preference using just A.ostryaefolia and Abutilon theophrasti. I assessed the roles of potential prey densities,plant structures, and weed attractiveness to adult C. maculata. Finally, I examineddiurnal and nocturnal predation of C. maculata eggs on corn, A. ostryaefolia, A.theophrasti, and Amaranthus hybridus. Significant ovipositional preference was always observed for A. theophrasti. C. maculata egg clusters on A. theophrasti and A.ostryaefolia were preyed upon less frequently than clusters on A. hybridus and corn.

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