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Electrical Engineering

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Vijay P. Singh


In this thesis, photo luminescent diodes with the device structure of ITO/PEI/(CdTe/PDDA)*n/Al were fabricated using the method of layer-by-layer self assembly. The film thicknesses were varied from 150 nm to 380 nm. The films were characterized through X-ray diffraction (XRD), optical absorption and photoluminescence (PL) measurements. The XRD results on the film indicated a cubic crystalline structure (111) for the nano-CdTe particles. The band gap of the nano-particles were evaluated to be 2.1 eV in solution and 2 eV in films, which was further confirmed by the PL measurements as the solution exhibited a yellow luminescence while the film exhibited orange luminescence. The J vs. V curves revealed that the diodes exhibited rectifying behavior in both the forward and reverse biasing. Two models of current transport, one based on a Schottky mechanism and the other based on a tunneling mechanism were developed and were compared with the experimental values. The tunneling model developed could simulate the experimental currents up to four orders of magnitude. The tunneling mechanism of charge transport was further proved by the capacitance vs. voltage curves, which were identical to that of ITO/MEH-PPV/Al devices, where tunneling mechanism was the dominant method of charge transport.