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Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

J. Robert Heath


This thesis involves modeling, design, Hardware Description Language (HDL) design capture, synthesis, implementation and HDL virtual prototype simulation validation of an interconnect network for a Hybrid Data/Command Driven Computer Architecture (HDCA) system. The HDCA is a single-chip shared memory multiprocessor architecture system. Various candidate processor-memory interconnect topologies that may meet the requirements of the HDCA system are studied and evaluated related to utilization within the HDCA system. It is determined that the Crossbar network topology best meets the HDCA system requirements and it is therefore used as the processormemory interconnect network of the HDCA system. The design capture, synthesis, implementation and HDL simulation is done in VHDL using XILINX ISE 6.2.3i and ModelSim 5.7g CAD softwares. The design is validated by individually testing against some possible test cases and then integrated into the HDCA system and validated against two different applications. The inclusion of crossbar switch in the HDCA architecture involved major modifications to the HDCA system and some minor changes in the design of the switch. Virtual Prototype testing of the HDCA executing applications when utilizing crossbar interconnect revealed proper functioning of the interconnect and HDCA. Inclusion of the interconnect into the HDCA now allows it to implement dynamic node level reconfigurability and multiple forking functionality.