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Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Lawrence E. Holloway


In this thesis, I/O signal recognizers, called VIRTUALBLOCKS, are synthesized to interface with a SYSTEM UNDER TEST (SUT). Methods for automated synthesis of virtualblocks allow us to simulate environment interfaces with SUT and also perform fault detection on SUT. Such methods must be able to recognize incoming sequences of signals from SUT, and upon the signal recognition determine the proper outgoing sequences of signals to SUT. We characterize our systems into four distinctive systems: system under test, AUXILIARY SYSTEM, controller and external environment. The auxiliary system is represented as a form of condition system Petri net (virtualblocks) and interacts with SUT along with the interaction among the controller and the external environment. Fault detection is performed by subsystems called DETECTBLOCKS synthesized from the virtualblocks. We present construction procedures for virtualblocks andamp; detectblocks and discuss the notion of LEGALITY and DETECTABILITY. Finally, we illustrate our approach using a model of a scanner control unit.