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Master of Science (MS)

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Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Mukesh Singhal


Data stored in third party storage systems like the cloud might not be secure since confidentiality and integrity of data are not guaranteed. Though cloud computing provides cost-effective storage services, it is a third party service and so, a client cannot trust the cloud service provider to store its data securely within the cloud. Hence, many organizations and users may not be willing to use the cloud services to store their data in the cloud until certain security guarantees are made. In this thesis, a solution to the problem of securely storing the client’s data by maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the data within the cloud is developed. Five protocols are developed which ensure that the client’s data is stored only on trusted storage servers, replicated only on trusted storage servers, and guarantee that the data owners and other privileged users of that data access the data securely. The system is based on trusted computing platform technology [11]. It uses a Trusted Platform Module, specified by the Trusted Computing Group [11]. An encrypted file system is used to encrypt the user’s data. The system provides data security against a system administrator in the cloud.