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Master of Science (MS)

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Agriculture; Engineering


Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

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Dr. Douglas G. Overhults


The use of velocity traverses to measure in-situ air flow rate of ventilation fans can be subject to significant errors. The Fan Assessment Numeration System (FANS) was developed by the USD-ARS Southern Poultry Research Laboratory and refined at the University of Kentucky to measure air flow of fans in-situ. The procedures for using the FANS unit to test fans in-situ are not completely standardized. This study evaluated the effect of operating fan positions relative to the FANS unit for ten 1.22 m diameter fans in two types of poultry barns, with fans placed immediately next to each other and 1.6 m apart. Fans were tested with the FANS unit placed near both the intake and discharge sides of the tested fans. Data were analyzed as two Generalized Randomized Complete Block designs (GRCB), with a 2 (FANS inside or outside) x 6 (operating fan combinations) factorial arrangement of treatments. Results showed significant differences as much as 12.6 ± 4.4% between air flow values obtained under conditions of different operating fan combinations. Placing the FANS unit outside provided valid fan test results. A standardized procedure for using the FANS unit to test fans in-situ was elaborated and presented in this work.