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Master of Science (MS)

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Nutrition and Food Science

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Dr. Hazel Forsythe


Practice and knowledge of upper‐level human nutrition and dietetics students (juniors and seniors, n=96) attending a midwestern university were compared to their comprehension and application of the Scope of Dietetics Practice. The sample consisted of 96 students, primarily (72%) in the 21 – 23 age category; females made up 83% and males comprised the remaining 17% of the sample. In this sample, 70% of the participants reported dietetics as their current major, and 30% stated that their major was human nutrition. Overall, students majoring in human nutrition responded neutrally to the questions concerning comprehension, knowledge, and implementation of the Scope of Dietetics Practice, while participants majoring in dietetics reported better knowledge, comprehension, and implementation of the Scope of Dietetics Practice. However, students majoring in human nutrition reported increased use of nutrition information to diagnose others than were students studying dietetics. In general, participants responded to questions regarding their practice and application of nutrition knowledge to themselves and others as would be expected, though there were differences between the students studying human nutrition and those studying dietetics.

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