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Undergraduate Education


STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) has popularly been labeled as reliant on objective analysis, while, conversely, humanities are rooted in engaging human virtue and creating connections between people. A particularly interesting piece of the humanities is storytelling, which allows people of unique backgrounds to develop creative connections to their work. In this way, STEM and the humanities are united by personal experience and the ability to convey such. This connection can be demonstrated through the STEM undergraduate experience, which has been greatly underrepresented in the form of personal narratives. With the format of personal narratives being conducive to discussion and network-building, cultivating a resource for these stories may provide students access to similar experiences, opportunities, and insights into their future careers. This project serves to connect the humanities and STEM among the undergraduate research community and, ultimately, provide a definition for the ‘STEM undergraduate research experience’ based on shared narrative and involvement. It is evident that STEM undergraduate researchers bear a variety of interesting and unique stories accompanying a range of research backgrounds that demonstrate the importance of these formative research experiences. Throughout each of the encounters, advice and opportunities highlighted in these compiled stories, the humanities remain a beacon for connecting young researchers among STEM disciplines. Ultimately, the personal narrative successfully functions as a tool for exploring the STEM undergraduate experience and must be investigated and encouraged further in STEM research and education.

Available for download on Thursday, May 14, 2026