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This ethnohistorical study explores how women’s creation and participation in financial systems allow them to find the economic prosperity and build community ties which they are entitled to. Because when facts or figures may not appeal to everyone, stories can. This paper is divided into four sections: In the first section, "Contextual Background," I delve into the historical and anthropological context of ROSCAs, exploring their origins, cultural significance, and economic functions across diverse societies in the Global South, before focusing on the diasporic usage of ROSCAs among immigrant communities. The second section, "Portraits of Women from Oral Histories," presents written portraits of my four aunties, with whom Iconducted oral history interviews, aiming to provide readers with a vivid understanding of these women's identities within the collective narrative. In the third section, "Analytical Discussion and Interpretation," I delve into women's perspectives and experiences within diasporic ROSCAs, exploring themes of moral economy, self-identity formation, and personal goals and dreams. Finally, the fourth section, "Conclusion," summarizes key findings and insights, reflecting on the significance of women's participation in ROSCAs for economic empowerment and community cohesion within diasporic contexts.

Available for download on Thursday, May 14, 2026