Background: Understanding and aligning staff core values with organizational values has been shown to contribute to positive work attitudes and increased organizational performance in the private sector. Little is known about the role of values in local public health.

Purpose: To identify public health staff core values, and to improve the alignment between staff values and organizational values (known as values congruence).

Methods: A Tribal Leadership exercise was used as part of a multi-stage strategic planning process at Canada’s largest autonomous local public health agency.

Results: Five sessions were held with 146 public health staff; 156 different values were reported. These were narrowed down to four core values: collaboration, integrity, empowerment, and striving for excellence. Staff reported high levels of satisfaction with the process and its outcome.

Implications: This exploratory case study suggests the Mountains and Valleys exercise can be valuable for assessing public health staff core values, and enhancing values congruence. Further research is needed to explore the relationship between public health values and performance.