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Developing New Systems of Data to Advance a Culture of Health


Introduction: The system dynamics that are driving changes in health and health care in the United States are not well captured by standard data collection activities. We need systems of data that can inform policy and program development and reflect the increasing recognition that all aspects of people’s lives—their work, families, and communities and not just formal health and health care services—support active and healthy living.

Culture of Health Action Areas: Within the Culture of Health Framework, there are four action areas that are farther upstream in the sequence of change and point to additional need for more nuanced approach to data collection: building a shared value of health; fostering collaboration to improve well-being; creating health more equitable community environments; and transforming health and health care systems. These action areas define the Culture of Health framework that we hope will spur research and strategies across sectors to improve health.

Conclusion: The action framework for advancing a culture of health will guide the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s grant-making and strategic collaborations. The hope is that it will also catalyze changes in how researchers and organizations collect health related data at all levels.