Historically individual and community health problems fed off one another, nonetheless the connection eventually became clear and individual health and population health solutions started to emerge and built off one another. Somewhere along the line, population health and patient health seemed to become divided by a brighter line into 2 separate realms, few of us crossing from one to the otherToday we are looking out for the good of our respective communities. As hospitals move from volume-based payments to value-based payments, they are more concerned about the connection between population health and their own efforts to improve outcomes, care coordination and prevention. The Affordable Care Act attempted to expand coverage for a range of prevention and wellness services and encourages partnerships between hospitals and other community health organizations. Accountable care organizations, patient-centered medical homes, workplace wellness programs, and community transformation grants are just some of the ways that hospitals, public health, and others will work together on new and innovative ways to improve health and safeguard health of our communities. We have many challenges and opportunities together, not the least of which are the citizens of our respective service areas who look to both of us for leadership, for greater collaboration, for greater efficiency and more value on either their premium dollar or their taxed dollar.

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