For safe home canning, it’s important to know your altitude (or elevation), since altitude affects processing times and pressures. The processing times and pressures given in University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension home canning publications are based on canning at or below 1,000 feet above sea level. While much of Kentucky lies below 1,000 feet in elevation, some portions of the state, particularly in the southeast, are above 1,000 feet. The highest point in Kentucky is Black Mountain in Harlan County, at 4,145 feet above sea level; the lowest point is at the Mississippi River in Fulton County, at 257 feet above sea level. All towns and communities in Kentucky are below 2,000 feet. You can usually find your altitude at your local zoning office, on your town or city’s webpage, or from your local County Extension office. If you live at an altitude greater than 1,000 feet, you may need to adjust processing times or pressures to ensure the safety of your home-canned foods.

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