A 52-year-old part-time farmer was killed when a pick-up truck overturned and crushed him. The victim, along with a neighbor (the witness), was loading the neighbor's tractor on a flatbed trailer to transport it to the victim's tobacco field for plowing. The trailer, attached to the pick-up truck, was parked on a gradual downward slope in preparation for tractor loading. The victim was standing on the front of the trailer while the tractor was being driven onto the trailer by the witness. Before the tractor was completely on the trailer, the truck and trailer began to roll down the slope. When the victim saw what was happening, he jumped from the trailer and ran toward the driver side door in an attempt to stop the truck. He opened the door of the moving truck and tried to reach the brake. The right front wheel of the truck rolled up a hill bordering the road causing the truck to overturn and crush the victim. The victim died from traumatic suffocation. The Kentucky FACE investigator concluded that, in order to prevent similar occurrences, farmers and equipment operators should:

  • Use tail end support jacks to stabilize trailers during loading and unloading operations
  • Use chocks to prevent vehicle movement
  • Equip trailers with adjustable height support posts
  • Evaluate the terrain prior to beginning a procedure

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94KY045; 94-045-01