On June 6, 2005 a 55-year-old male dump truck driver (Driver 1) died when he was buried waist deep in 400-degree Fahrenheit asphalt. Driver 1 stopped along the highway to help another dump truck driver (Driver 2), (both were independent truck drivers), who had experienced brake problems. As the two men were examining the pneumatic brake system at the rear of the disabled dump truck, the tailgate opened unexpectedly, spilling hot asphalt onto the decedent who was under the rear of the truck.

To prevent similar incidents, the following recommendations have been made:

Recommendation No. 1: Tailgate chains should always be secured to the dump truck.

Recommendation No. 2: Trip handles on dump trucks should be kept clean from buildup of asphalt residue.

Recommendation No. 3: Independent dump truck owners should follow Kentucky Occupational Safety Standards applicable to dump truck operations.

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