A 38-year-old part-time farmer (landowner) was killed after the tractor he was operating turned over on him. The victim was mowing his property using a tractor and rotary mower attachment. The tricycle-type tractor was not equipped with a rollover protective structure (ROPS) or a seat belt. After completing an upper field, he drove the tractor down a hill toward the public roadway. The brakes apparently failed and he lost control of the tractor. The tractor slid off the gravel road, turned over and came to rest on top of the victim. There were no witnesses to the event. In order to prevent similar occurrences, the FACE investigator concluded:

  • Tractor owners and operators should equip tractors with rollover protection and seatbelts.
  • Equipment should be kept in good working order.
  • Part-time equipment operators should be trained in safe operation procedures.

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