A 58-year-old part-time farmer, on route to his home, was killed when the tractor he was operating ran off the road and overturned. The victim was traveling west on State Route 32 at approximately 1:15 pm on Saturday, May 21, 1994. The victim had just completed plowing a neighbor's vegetable garden and was driving the half mile home to his farm at the time of the incident. The right front wheel of the tractor edged off the roadway onto the narrow shoulder and over an embankment. The tractor momentum and the steep embankment caused the tractor to turn over onto the victim. The KY FACE investigator concluded that, to prevent similar occurrences, tractor owners and operators should:

  • Contact their county extension agent, local equipment dealer or equipment manufacturer to see if retro-fit rollover protection and operator restraint systems are available for this equipment.

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94KY043; KY9404301