A 51-year-old male self-employed logger/farmer was preparing to unload logs at a sawmill. The load consisted of about 18 logs, 10-22" in diameter and 8-12 feet long. The load had been secured by 2 binders (chains) to the back of a Chevrolet flatbed single-axle truck. The forward of the 2 chains had been removed by the victim. As the second chain was loosened, a log from the top rolled off the truck striking the victim. The victim was crushed by the weight of the log. The Kentucky FACE investigator concluded that to prevent similar occurrences, loggers and logging operations should:

  • Ensure that individuals work in teams when unloading logs
  • Prevent logs from moving while binders are being removed
  • Ensure that the height of the stack of the logs does not exceed the height of the vertical side supports

Additionally, logging operators should establish practices where safety of contractors can be assured.

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94KY038; KY9403801