A 63-year-old male logger was struck by a log that rolled off a loaded truck at a sawmill. The victim was working with his two nephews that day and they were preparing to unload the logs from their two trucks. The logs were stacked at least twice as high as the standards on the sides of the flatbed trailers. As one nephew began to unchain the logs from his truck, the victim walked up to the truck, out of view of his nephew. When the chains were released, a log at the top of the load rolled off and struck the victim, pinning him underneath. He died within minutes of massive crushing injuries. In order to prevent similar occurrences, FACE investigators recommend:

  • The height of the stack of logs should not exceed the height of the standards on the truck.
  • An unbinding cage should be used at the mill during unloading procedures to protect the logger from falling logs.
  • Loggers should follow mill guidelines and logging standards for proper unloading procedures.
  • Loggers should attend the Master Logger Program for education regarding logging standards and safety practices.
  • Lawmakers should consider initiating regulations to limit height of the stack of logs on vehicles using public roadways.

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95KY102; 95KY10201