A 47-year-old farmer/chemical analyst was killed when his tractor overturned into a muddy creek bed. The victim was checking a fence line on his property, which in that area has a rough, uneven terrain and on that day was very wet from a thunderstorm the previous night. He was going up an incline when his tractor slid backwards in the mud; the back tire slipped over the edge of a steep embankment and the tractor rolled over into the creek bed, pinning him face down in the mud. The tractor was not equipped with a Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) or a seatbelt. There were no witnesses to the incident. The KY FACE investigators concluded that, to prevent similar occurrences, tractor operators should:

  • Retrofit tractors with Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS) and seatbelts;
  • Assess terrain prior to beginning any tractor operation.

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95KY043; 95KY04301