A 75-year-old farmer was killed when he was run over by a tractor and disc attachment. The farmer attempted to start the engine on a tractor while he stood on the ground beside it, a practice which was not unusual for him. The transmission had been left in gear and when the ignition was started the tractor lurched forward knocking the victim to the ground. The tractor continued to move forward, running over the victim. His wife went to search for him when she realized he had been gone from the house for quite some time. She found him in the field pinned under the disc that was attached to the tractor. She returned to the house to call 911. Rescue personnel were dispatched at 4:16 pm and arrived on the scene within minutes. The county coroner was summoned to the scene and pronounced the victim dead. In order to prevent similar incidents from occurring, FACE investigators recommend:

  • Never attempt to start a tractor unless seated in the driver's seat.

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97KY082; 97KY08201