A 56-year-old farmer was killed when the tricycle tractor he was operating on a hillside overturned. He had been going up and down the hill to bring loads of dirt in the tractor's front-end loader in order to bury a calf. The hillside was relatively steep, and the ground was wet from recent rains. As he attempted to turn with the loader filled and raised, the tractor rolled over several times, crushing the victim. He died at the scene. In order to prevent similar incidents, the FACE investigator recommends:

  • Older tractors should be retrofitted with rollover protective structures (ROPS) and seatbelts.
  • Tractor tires should be fluid-filled, and front-end counterweights should be used, to lower the center of gravity and improve traction and stability.
  • Front-end loaders should be kept in as low a position as possible; when lifted too high, they change the balance and handling properties of the tractor.
  • Tractor operators should take into consideration environmental conditions and terrain, and make adjustments as necessary to accommodate to them.

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