A 51-year-old male electrician (the victim) died after falling approximately six feet to the concrete floor of a fertilizer plant. The victim had been doing electrical work while standing on an aluminum extension ladder at a switch box attached to a steel post near a rear exit of the plant. His co-worker, who was approximately 20 feet away, heard him hit the floor, but did not see him fall. The co-worker ran for help. A 911 call was placed at 8:46 am, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel arrived in three minutes. The victim was transported to the local hospital, but never regained consciousness. He was pronounced dead an hour later. To prevent similar incidents, the KY FACE investigator recommends that employers should:

  • stress to all employees the importance of exercising caution when working from ladders;
  • develop and implement a comprehensive written safety program.

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