Twelve species of Costa Rican Lytopylus are treated; these include all species reared from Lepidoptera caterpillars in Area de Conservación Guanacaste, Costa Rica, over 32 years of caterpillar inventory, as well as two species recorded in the literature as occurring in Costa Rica. Ten new species are described, i.e., Lytopylus bradzlotnicki, Lytopylus colleenhitchcockae, Lytopylus gregburtoni, Lytopylus jessicadimauroae, Lytopylus jessiehillae, Lytopylus mingfangi, Lytopylus rebeccashapleyae, Lytopylus robpringlei, Lytopylus sandraberriosae, Lytopylus vaughntani. The following species are transferred to Lytopylus: Metriosoma flavicalcar Enderlein 1920 to Lytopylus flavicalcarcomb. n.; Bassus macadamiae Briceño and Sharkey 2000 to Lytopylus macadamiaecomb. n.; Metriosoma bicarinatum Enderlein 1920 to Lytopylus bicarinatumcomb. n.; Metriosoma brasiliense Enderlein 1920 to Lytopylus brasiliensecomb. n.; Bassus tayrona Campos 2007 to Lytopylus tayronacomb. n.; Microdus femoratus Cameron 1887 to Lytopylus femoratuscomb. n.; Microdus melanocephalus Cameron 1887 to Lytopylus melanocephaluscomb. n.; Bassus pastranai Blanchard 1952 to Lytopylus pastranaicomb. n.; Agathis nigrobalteata Cameron 1911 to Lytopylus nigrobalteatuscomb. n. Two keys to species of Lytopylus are presented, one interactive and the other static.

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Published in ZooKeys, issue. 130, 379-419.

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