A new genus of Agathidinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae), Neothlipsis, is proposed to include 10 species. Nine of these species were formerly included in the polyphyletic genus Therophilus Wesmael 1837, formerly referred to as Bassus. A new species, Neothlipsis parysae, parasitic on Samea multiplicalis (Guenée), is described. The ten described species transferred to Neothlipsis are:, Neothlipsis agathoides, comb. n. for Bassus agathoides Newton and Sharkey 2000; Neothlipsis agilis, comb. n. for Bassus agilis Cresson 1868; Neothlipsis brevicauda, comb. n. for Bassus brevicaudus Muesebeck 1932; Neothlipsis californica, comb. n. for Bassus californicus Muesebeck 1927; Neothlipsis cincta, comb. n. for Microdus cinctus Cresson 1873; Neothlipsis coleophorae, comb. n. for Bassus coleophorae Rowher 1915; Neothlipsis discolor, comb. n. for Microdus discolor Cresson 1873; Neothlipsis nigricoxa, comb. n. for Microdus nigricoxus Provancher 1886; Neothlipsis petiolate, comb. n. for Bassus petiolatus Muesebeck 1932; Neothlipsis taeniativentris, comb. n. for Microdus taeniativentris Enderlein 1920. Phylogenetic analyses support the sister relationship between the new genus and Camptothlipsis. The type material of the new species is deposited at the Hymenoptera Institute Collection at the University of Kentucky, the United States National Museum, the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, and the Louisiana State Arthropod Museum.

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Published in Journal of Hymenoptera Research, v. 23, p. 43-53.

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