For the first time in 21 years, a new genus of cardiochiline braconid wasp, Orientocardiochiles Kang & Long, gen. nov. (type species Orientocardiochiles joeburrowi Kang, sp. nov.), is discovered and described. This genus represents the ninth genus in the Oriental region. Two new species (O. joeburrowi Kang, sp. nov. and O. nigrofasciatus Long, sp. nov.) are described and illustrated, and a key to species of the genus, with detailed images, is added. Diagnostic characters of the new genus are analyzed and compared with several other cardiochiline genera to allow the genus to key out properly using an existing generic treatment. The scientific names validated by this paper and morphological data obtained from this project will be utilized and tested in the upcoming genus-level revision of the subfamily based on combined morphological and molecular data.

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Published in ZooKeys, v. 971.

© 2020 Ilgoo Kang, Khuat Dang Long, Michael J. Sharkey, James B. Whitfield, Nathan P. Lord.

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The first author, IK, thanks all members of the Lord Lab and Louisiana State Arthropod Museum and is grateful to the Department of Entomology for LSU Agricultural Center for financial support.

This study was partially supported by NSF DEB #1841704 to NPL and the Vietnam National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED), grant no. 106-NN.05-2016.08.

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