Based on cladistic analyses recently conducted by Sharkey and Chapman, the genus Zosteragathis Sharkey is revised. Twenty-two species are reported from Thailand, three previously described species, Z. samensis, Z. contrasta and Z. nuichuaensis, and 19 new species, i.e., Z. chaiyaphumensis, Z. eukos, Z. hinensis, Z. hongensis, Z. inthanonensis, Z. krachanensis, Z. lampangensis, Z. lampooensis, Z. luangensis, Z. ngamensis, Z. perknos, Z. petchaburiensis, Z. phahompokensis, Z. phuphanensis, Z. sakaeratensis, Z. sakonensis, Z. samensis, Z. surinensis, Z. taemensis, Z. tonensis. Members of Zosteragathis are known from the Australian, Ethiopian, Oceania, Oriental, and eastern Palaearctic regions.

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Published in Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift, issue 65, no. 2, p. 225-253.

© 2018 Michael J. Sharkey, Eric G. Chapman

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Funding was provided by NSF grants DEB-0542864 and EF-0337220 and by Hatch projects KY008041 and KY008065 (to MJS).

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