Year of Publication


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Document Type

Master's Thesis


Arts and Sciences


Earth and Environmental Sciences (Geology)

First Advisor

Dr. Ed Woolery


Increased groundwater withdrawals associated with agricultural irrigation in the Jackson Purchase have prompted questions related to groundwater availability and sustainability. Key factors in addressing these questions are understanding the extent and variation in thickness of the local hydrostratigraphic system, which is the upper part of the Mississippi Embayment aquifer system. Correlations of 70 gamma-ray well logs, and 49 resistivity logs were made across parts of the Jackson Purchase in Fulton and Hickman Counties in order to delineate the upper Claiborne aquifer and middle Claiborne confining unit. Commercial software (i.e. Petra 3.8.3) was used to generate cross sections, structure and isopach maps of the upper Claiborne aquifer, middle Claiborne confining unit, and middle Claiborne aquifer. The structure and isopach maps show the upper Claiborne aquifer and middle Claiborne confining unit thickening and dipping southwest into the embayment. In an effort to test different methods for mapping these hydrostatic units in the shallow sub-surface, surface electrical resistivity and a seismic walkaway sounding were acquired and compared with downhole geophysical logs at two well-constrained sites to test their limits for resolving these hydrostratigraphic units. Both electric resistivity and seismic geophysical methods were best able to image the Claiborne aquifer system when used together.

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