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EarthScope’s USArray Transportable Array (TA) has shortcomings for the purpose of interpreting geologic features of wavelengths less than the 70 km TA station spacing, but these can be overcome by using higher spatial resolution gravity data. In this study, we exploit USArray receiver functions to reduce non-uniqueness in the interpretation of gravity anomalies. We model gravity anomalies from previously-derived density variations of sedimentary basins, crustal Vp/Vs variation, Moho variation, and upper mantle density variation derived from body-wave imaging informed by surface wave tomography to estimate Vp/Vs. Although average densities and density contrasts for these seismic variations can be derived, the gravity anomalies modeled from them do not explain the entire observed gravity anomaly field in the United States (US). We use the unmodeled gravity anomalies (residuals) to reconstruct local variations in densities of the crust associated with geologic sources. Interestingly, the reconstructed intracrustal density model appears to overcome the aliasing of geologic features not sampled adequately by the USArray stations. We show an example of this improvement in the vicinity of the Bloomfield Pluton, north of the boothill of Missouri, in the central US.

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© 2019 Zhang, Ravat, and Lowry

This dataset is distributed under Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium.

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The data file contains 3 columns: Longitude (degree), Latitude (degree), Crustal Density (Kg/m3). The first line has header information and it is followed by 56876 point data lines.

A data image file is provided for cross-checking purposes and is available for download as the additional file listed at the end of this record.

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US gravity data point values: (ASCII, 1278162 locations, zip) used in the analysis of gravity data of this study



Spatial Coverage

Eastern U.S.

Funding Information

1. U.S. National Science Foundation award 1246921 to D. Ravat (primary).

2. National Nature Science Foundation of China (41604121), and the Laboratory for Marine Geology, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (MGQNLM201708) to Henglei Zhang.

3. U.S. National Science Foundation award 1246977 to A. R. Lowry.

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“Crustal composition and Moho variations of the central and eastern U.S.: Improving resolution and geologic interpretation of EarthScope USArray seismic images using gravity”

Revised version submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth.

ZhangRavatLowry_EasternUSbulkdensityvariation_submittedtoJGRSE_190812.pdf (273 kB)
Data image (13163 kB)
US gravity data point values (ASCII, 1278162 locations, zip) used in the analysis of gravity data of this study