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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Early Childhood, Special Education, and Rehabilitation Counseling

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Dr. Jennifer Grisham-Brown


Effective early communication intervention is essential for preventing long-term, language-related problems for children with special needs. Particular for young dual language learner, supports provided family members in their home language can effectively promote development of communication skills in both home language and English. To help Chinese parents better support their children’s communication needs at home, this study applied a multi-component coaching intervention to teach parents to use a naturalistic communication intervention.

Using multi-probe single subject design, this study experimentally evaluated the effects of coaching intervention on parents’ acquisition of naturalistic intervention. The coaching intervention included a video-based training session, pre-practice discussion and post-practice structured feedback. Coaching intervention was delivered to parents in Mandarin Chinese, and parent practiced naturalistic intervention with their children in Mandarin Chinese. Results show that the coaching intervention was effective for teaching three parents to use naturalistic intervention. Each parent received 30 to 60 minutes of coaching. A functional relation was established between coaching intervention and parents’ use of naturalistic procedures.

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This research was supported by the Turner Thacker Award (2019) and Arvile and Ellen Turner Thacker Endowment Fund (2019).