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Master of Education (MEd)

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Master's Thesis




Early Childhood, Special Education, and Rehabilitation Counseling

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Dr Collin N. Shepley


Food selectivity, commonly observed in young children, has a significant effect on their health outcomes, and this poses a major challenge for parents and caregivers. This proposed study aims to investigate the effectiveness of a teaching package comprising prompting, shaping, and reinforcement strategies in enhancing exploratory eating behaviors among preschool children displaying food selectivity in a classroom setting. The study seeks to answer the research question: does the delivery of a teaching package consisting of prompting, shaping, and reinforcement result in an increase in exploratory eating behaviors (touch, smell, taste) by young children displaying food selectivity? This study will use a single-case multiple probe design across behaviors for each participant to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment package. Data collection will occur in the participants' classroom, sessions will be conducted daily before snack or lunchtime, focusing on prompting and reinforcing exploratory eating behaviors. This research will contribute to understanding effective interventions for addressing food selectivity in preschool settings, provide strategies that could promote healthy eating behaviors in young children. By exploring the impact of prompting, shaping, and reinforcement, this study seeks to provide practical recommendations for educators, caregivers, and practitioners involved in early childhood nutrition and development.

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