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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Education Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Kelly D. Bradley

Second Advisor

Dr. Wayne D. Lewis


The need to recruit quality professors into research-1 institutions continues to be a priority among American universities (Solem & Foote, 2004), but the ability to retain them is another story. The tenure process is quite demanding in such institutions where much emphasis is often placed on high quality research and publishing in reputable peer-reviewed journals (Boyer, 1992; DeFleur, 2007). Some scholars have identified faculty-to-faculty mentoring as one of many things institutions can promote to motivate beginning faculty to persist and complete the tenure process (Boice, 1991). On the other, others feel such activities are not necessary (Selby & Calhoun, 1998). Faculty-to-faculty mentoring could be beneficial, but institutions should have a tool to assess whether faculty members desire to receive mentoring. The literature review revealed that fields in social sciences lack well-developed quantitative data collection tool for such purposes. This study was, therefore, carried out to develop an instrument to fill that gap, especially in the era of data-driven decision making models. The new provides a foundation for other researchers to build on. The Rasch-Andrich Rating Scale model was applied in the item investigation and calibration. Response rate was 45.57% and the majority of respondents agreed that faculty-to-faculty mentoring is beneficial to faculty members who are on the tenure track.

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