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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Dr. JiangBiao He


This dissertation demonstrates a dispatching scheme of wind-solar hybrid power system (WSHPS) for a specific dispatching horizon for an entire day utilizing a hybrid energy storage system (HESS) configured by batteries and supercapacitors. Here, wind speed and solar irradiance are predicted one hour ahead of time using a multilayer perceptron Artificial Neural Network (ANN), which exhibits satisfactory performance with good convergence mapping between input and target output data. Furthermore, multiple state of charge (SOC) controllers as a function of energy storage system (ESS) SOC are developed to accurately estimate the grid reference power (PGrid,ref) for each dispatching period. A low pass filter (LPF) is employed to decouple the power between a battery and a supercapacitor (SC), and the cost optimization of the HESS is computed based on the time constant of the LPF through extensive simulations. Besides, the optimum value of depth of discharge for ESS considering both cycling and calendar expenses has been investigated to optimize the life cycle cost of the ESS, which is vital for minimizing the cost of a dispatchable wind-solar power scheme. Finally, the proposed ESS control algorithm is verified by conducting control hardware-in-the loop (CHIL) experiments in a real-time digital simulator (RTDS) platform.

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