Year of Publication


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Leslie Scott

Clinical Mentor

Laura Jackson

Committee Member

Dr. Diana Inman


This cross-sectional, pre-post intervention study was designed to gather information on Kentucky School Nurses attitude and knowledge toward non-prescribed epinephrine auto injectors in Kentucky Schools. All 500 members of the Kentucky Schools Nurses Association received a link to the pretest, educational intervention and posttest via email. Of those, 75 nurses responded and 72 were eligible to participate in the study. The data was analyzed through a paired t-test using SPSS. The results showed an increase in level of comfort with epinephrine, although it was not statistically significant. There was a statistical significance between the pretest and posttest when school nurses were asked about legal obligations when administering epinephrine. There was also an increase in knowledge with one question related to hospitalizations showing statistical significance between the pretest and posttest.