Year of Publication


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Melanie Hardin-Pierce

Clinical Mentor

Dr. Robyn Cheung

Committee Member

Dr. Karen Butler


Central venous catheters (CVC) are vital in present-day medical practice, particularly in the intensive care unit (ICU). However, their use puts patients at risk for developing central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) which are a major concern in today’s health care system. CLABSIs are a significant source of patient mortality, increased length of stay, and healthcare spending. The heightened awareness of these infections along with their escalating cost has amplified implementation of preventative protocols.This practice inquiry project includes three manuscripts, each of which discusses relevant aspects of CLABSIs prevention utilizing daily whole body chlorhexidine gluconate bathing inlcuding a review of literautre and cost benefit analysis. Along with an evaluation of provider adherence to an evidence-based CLABSI prevention guideline utilizing daily chlorhexidine gluconate patient bathing in two trauma/ surigcal ICUs in a level 1 Trauma Center.