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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Melanie Hardin-Pierce

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Tracy Rexford

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Dr. Karen Butler


PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to determine if education focusing on continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) troubleshooting was effective at improving ICU nurses’ knowledge and self-confidence levels. It was hopeful that, following the educational intervention, ICU nurses would have an increase in knowledge and report higher self-confidence levels regarding troubleshooting CRRT.

METHODS: This study involved the use of a pre-post-test and questionnaire to evaluate the efficacy of an educational intervention on ICU nurses’ knowledge and self-confidence levels at Saint Joseph Hospital. The pre-post-test was used to evaluate knowledge levels, while the pre-post questionnaire was used to evaluate self-reported confidence levels.

RESULTS: From October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, 30 ICU nurses participated in the educational intervention. The findings revealed a statistically significant increase in overall knowledge (p = p = 0.001), troubleshooting skills (p =p=

CONCLUSION: CRRT troubleshooting education was shown to be significant in improving knowledge and self-confidence levels of ICU nurses. A routine educational intervention to improve education and self-confidence in the management and troubleshooting of CRRT was effective at increasing ICU nurse knowledge and self-confidence levels. Improved knowledge levels and self-confidence in managing CRRT may lead to decreased down time and improved patient outcomes in the future.

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