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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Carolyn Williams

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Dr. Joanne Brown

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Dr. Ellen Hahn


This study was conducted in a southeastern University to determine tobacco use status in a population of university students, student intention to quit, treatment options, use of student health service, and student’s degree of support of a tobacco-free policy. A major implication for practice is the need for college health providers to screen all students utilizing the USPHS Guidelines, as even light smokers may be vulnerable to nicotine addiction. However, the study found that a high proportion of the smokers were nondaily smokers who do not consider themselves as smokers and the vast majority of those were undergraduates. Thus, college and university clinics have a unique opportunity to reach out to those students through screening activities and treatments that could assist them to completely quit before it becomes more challenging to do so and before negative health consequences are experienced.

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