Year of Publication


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Judith Daniels

Clinical Mentor

Dr. Michelle Pendleton

Committee Member

Dr. Lynne Jensen



PURPOSE:The purpose of this project was to pilot an educational module on a new congenital heart transition program to be instituted at a large Midwest medical system.The transition program is meant to assist pediatric cardiology patients in transferring from pediatric to adult care. An educational module was developed for inpatient health disciplines who will be involved in the transition program. Before offering the program throughout the medical system, a pilot was conducted to determine if the education was at the appropriate level. The educational module was modeled after the Got Transition Six Core Elements designed by the National Health Care Transition Center.

METHODS:A prospective pretest posttest design and a Readiness Ruler was utilized for this pilot along with an interview conducted after the posttest. A group of five healthcare providers (four nurses and one non nurse) participated in this pilot.

RESULTS:The participants scored a mean of 60% on the pretest and 90% on the posttest. The more experienced staff scored lower on the posttest. All reported increased readiness for program initiation after receiving education. Qualitative data revealed a two-sided response from participants in regards to the transition program. All subjects praised the independence provided to patients with the program. They expressed concerns regarding the amount of time needed to provide education to patients as well as hesitancy that may present from patients and caregivers.

CONCLUSION:The results of this pilot verified the learning module provided effective education to staff and could be delivered throughout the entire hospital. Potential barriers should be considered prior to initiation of the program. A more complete readiness tool should be incorporated in the program. Once the program is initiated there will need to be follow up across all levels of participating staff.