Year of Publication


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Sharon Lock, PhD, APRN

Clinical Mentor

Paula Gisler, MSN, RN

Committee Member

Mollie Aleshire, DNP, APRN


Purpose: The primary objective for this retrospective chart review was to evaluate provider adherence to the 2011 AHA/ASA Primary Stroke Prevention guideline of prescribing a statin to all diabetic patients for primary prevention of stroke, regardless of dyslipidemia. A second aim of this study is to identify provider facilitators and barriers to prescribing a statin therapy for primary prevention.

Methods: Using a retrospective study design, a random sample of 100 medical records of diabetic patients presenting to a university women’s health clinic within the previous year were reviewed for statin use and rationale.

Results: Of the 100 diabetic patients sampled, only 69% were currently prescribed a statin therapy. Furthermore, only one patient had a diabetic rationale for statin use. Primary stroke prevention counseling and therapy aimed at prevention of primary stroke will be completed at a future date.

Conclusion: In this clinic setting there is no documentation of adherence to the 2011 AHA/ASA Primary Stroke Prevention Guideline recommendation that statin therapy be used as a primary prevention in the diabetic population.