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Doctor of Social Work (DSW)


Current literature fails to assess the race-based bias of some white teachers and its impact on the school-to-prison pipeline. The actions of some white teachers due to unconscious or conscious race-based bias can increase race-based stress experienced by Blacks students and lead to racial trauma. Racial trauma is a traumatic experience that can alter this stage of development and have significant impact on the academic achievement of Black adolescents and influence behaviors perceived as negative. The purpose of this capstone is to enhance awareness and knowledge on the traumatic impact the race-based bias of some white teachers poses for Black adolescents.

Product one is systematic literature review focused on secondary research that assesses how the race-based bias of some white teachers is contributing to trauma symptoms experienced by Black adolescents. This review allows the reader to connect the race-based bias of white teachers to the school-to-prison pipeline. From the review symptoms of race-based stress, manifestations of trauma symptoms, and solutions for manifestations of trauma symptoms was explored.

Product two is a conceptual paper that explains how symptoms of race-based stress experienced by Black students due to the race-based bias of some white teachers are enhancing the school-to-prison pipeline reality. This conceptual paper utilizes Erik Erikson’s stage of development, identity vs. role confusion to address this gap in the literature and bring awareness to perceived defiant behaviors from a trauma-informed perspective.

Product three is a practice application that demonstrates an approach to be utilized by the CSWE to inform a more anti-racist vision of social work education and clinical social workers within the school setting when working with Black adolescents. This proposed approach will guide clinicians in effectively assessing the mental health needs of Black adolescents from a trauma-informed, integrative systems lens, in alignment with cultural humility and racial socialization

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