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Doctor of Social Work (DSW)


The social work profession has been around for at least 12 decades. During most of this time, Black and White social workers have focused on issues affecting their own races. Unfortunately, social work has been found to have some of the same biases and stereotypes as the society that it serves. Therefore, three products were developed to provide research-based evidence on the importance of inclusion of Black social workers and how this inclusion will benefit social work, and the clients served.

Product One was a systemic literature review focused on answering the research question of whether or not the social work field was fighting for the inclusion of its Black social workers. In addition, the review aimed to research studies that discussed the implications of the inclusion of Black social workers in the field.

Product two, the conceptual paper, examined two theoretical frameworks, critical race theory, and social identity theory. These theories were used to try to explain the lack of inclusion in the social work field. This paper also included ideas for the social work field to increase its inclusion of Black social workers.

The third product, the practice application paper, further explored ideas on making the workplace more inclusive. This study looked at the different levels of social work and how each level could increase its inclusive practices. The benefits of inclusive agency practices increase job satisfaction and client services.

The world is becoming more diverse, and with the diversity, changes need to occur to make sure that the social work field is upholding its ethics and completing its grand challenges within the field as well as with the populations they serve. The increase in the diversity of social work leaders is imminent. As the field does start to become more diverse it will also need to become more inclusive as diversity and inclusion are not the same.

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