Year of Publication


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Document Type

Master's Thesis




Computer Science

First Advisor

Dr. Victor Marek


Big data is an area focused on storing, processing and visualizing huge amount of data. Today data is growing faster than ever before. We need to find the right tools and applications and build an environment that can help us to obtain valuable insights from the data. Retail is one of the domains that collects huge amount of transaction data everyday. Retailers need to understand their customer’s purchasing pattern and behavior in order to take better business decisions.

Market basket analysis is a field in data mining, that is focused on discovering patterns in retail’s transaction data. Our goal is to find tools and applications that can be used by retailers to quickly understand their data and take better business decisions. Due to the amount and complexity of data, it is not possible to do such activities manually. We witness that trends change very quickly and retailers want to be quick in adapting the change and taking actions. This needs automation of processes and using algorithms that are efficient and fast. In our work, we mine transaction data by modeling the data as graphs. We use clustering algorithms to discover communities (clusters) in the data and then use the clusters for building a recommendation system that can recommend products to customers based on their buying behavior.

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