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Comparison of Psychologic and Physiologic Functioning Between Patients with Masticatory Muscle Pain and Matched Controls


This study explored the physiologic and psychologic distinctions between masticatory muscle pain patients and age and sex-matched normal controls. Subjects completed several standardized psychologic tests. They then underwent a laboratory stress profile evaluation to obtain physiologic measures (EMG, heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure) under conditions of rest, mental stress, and relaxation. The pain patients reported greater anxiety, especially cognitive symptoms, and feelings of muscle tension than did the controls. Under stress, pain patients had higher heart rates and systolic blood pressure than the controls. Electromyogram activity in the masseter regions was not significantly different between the pain and control group. The results are discussed in terms of the likely mechanisms that might account for the observed differences between masticatory pain patients and normal subjects.

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Winter 1993

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Published in Journal of Orofacial Pain, v. 7, no. 1, p. 15-22.