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Public Health

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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Dr. Mark Swanson

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Dr. Anne Ray

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Dr. Marc Kiviniemi


This paper aims to describe the process of implementing a Postpartum Depression (PPD) prevention program in low-income women residing in rural communities. The paper describes the process of recruiting women in this population, where and how the program will be integrated into an existing clinic, and how the program will be sustained. PPD is a significant global public health problem that can be prevented and treated. The ROSE program (Reach Out, Stay Strong, Essentials for new mothers) is a series of classes that provide informational and social support to prevent PPD. This evidence-based program has been previously successful in reducing rates of PPD among low-income, postpartum women in a clinical setting. Wolfe County, Kentucky has been identified as the ideal location for implementation due to the presence of increased PPD risk factors. The ROSE program can be an engaging way to provide mental health treatment to postpartum women without substantial change in existing postpartum care and routines.

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