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Public Health

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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

Committee Chair

Dr. Glen P. Mays

Committee Member

Dr. Richard Ingram

Committee Member

Dr. Tisha Johnson


This project was conducted to develop a policy proposal that would increase HIV testing after evaluating current Kentucky Law and Regulations, current health insurance laws, studies on acceptability of different HIV test, barriers to testing from both providers and patients/individuals, and factors associated with positive likelihood of HIV testing. Based on these findings a proposal was developed that would require changing Kentucky regulations on providers communicating test results to patients, change in what form HIV testing would be covered under certain insurances, develop incentives for patients to be tested and report their results to their provider (and hence increasing surveillance data), and selecting the most acceptable, convenient and affordable at-home/self-testing option to be covered. The proposal addresses the barriers of anonymity/privacy (to an extent), anxiety with waiting for results, ED missed opportunities for testing, counselling, venipuncture, and more. The proposal in its entirety is more of an expansion on what can be done about HIV testing rates more so than replacing what is in place.

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