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Public Health

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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Dr. Heather Bush

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Dr. David Fardo

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Dr. Emily Slade


Executive Summary
This portfolio is a compilation of three different consulting experiences that I have had to opportunity to work with as a part of University of Kentucky’s Master of Public Health program with a concentration in biostatistics. My portfolio consists of project descriptions, notes, reports, relevant SAS code and output, and other supporting materials for the three projects I worked with. Each of the projects that I worked with were vastly different, as was my role in them. As such the supporting documents for each are very different as well, but each does have a brief description of the project, a description of my role in the project, and a summary of the learning experiences I gained with the project. A short summary of each background is given below.

Project 1

On this project I served as a data analyst for a team of pediatric dental researchers affiliated with the University of British Columbia and based in California. This was a prospective cohort study following patients who had received a pediatric crown that the researchers were working with.

Project 2

This project was a meta-analysis working with an Endocrinologist at the University of Kentucky who wanted to see if the combination of the osteoporosis drugs Alendronate and Romosozumab mitigated the risk of cardiovascular events and death thought to be related to the use of Romosozumab alone. In this project I used papers provided by the researcher to collect data on the issue and address the

researcher’s question, while also explaining the limitations of the project to them. Project 3

On this project I was given the responsibility of updating the methods, results, and succession on a draft for a paper on the ConnectED pilot study. This project is the work of many different researchers at the University of Kentucky, and after the paper’s draft was originally constructed the researchers decided to use different inclusion criteria for the analytic sample, requiring updates to be made to the paper.

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