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Dr. Emily Slade


Nowadays, students safe in violence area is becoming to a huge problems, from the survey- National Youth Risk Behavior Survey we find that the sexual and dating violence rate is increasing during the past few years.For the willing that we try to reduce the risk of dating and sexual violence, we are going to build some programs and publish them to the society especially the schools to protect our teenagers. As we know that the period for students from high school to the university is a very important time to build their right social norms, we start a program called Green Dot which aims to guide them following the right sexual and dating norms to let them away from these violence.This intervention trial is bystanding-based and randomized in 13 pairs of high schools in Kentucky. Lots of variables are added into this program such as race, gender these based information which may have high relating to the sexual and dating violence and they divide the degree of education of the Green Dot into five levels which is from zero intervention to full educating methods for the intervention.

This project aims to find that if the Green Dot education in high school affects the students’ norms positively. We consider the Green Dot education as the exposure to do our survey. Then we choose the Project Time 1 as the unexposure part which the schools their have no Green Dot education forms. Moreover, we choose Project Time 5 as the exposure part which

they have full of Green Dot education situation such as lecture form, speech form, post method, training form and etc. That means that the difference between the two parts are the exposure of Green Dot education situation. We hope to see that our program about Green Dot education and dating or sexual violence education can help our high school students build a great social norms and guide them to a right way to treat their partners.

Besides, we choose six different variables as gender, race, sexual attractive, free meal plan situation, current relationship and past 12 months relationship (dating) to be our adjusted variables. On the other hand, we use the two scores in our questionnaire to be our predictions. DV_ACC score and IRMS score. These two scores will reflect the students’ opinions and attractions to dating violence and sexual violence. The lower this score, the higher they do not accept these two kinds of violence. Mainly, we try to figure out the relationship between the exposure variables ( The Green Dot education) and these two scores, by the way, we try to find that if these adjusted variables will affect the relationship.

This project will help us know an important question: If our Green Dot education program is useful and meaningful to our students’ norm building. Can we reduce the rate of sexual violence by using this intervention as Education or Media way? Nowadays, not only US has so many sexual violence cases, but also in China, the sexual violence situation is so serious that we have to take action to stop that. In US, we have already built the Green Dot program to prevent this bad situation by intervening at school steps. Can our China follow this intervention if the program is effective? That is the meaning of what I do right now.

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