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Public Health

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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Robin Vanderpool, DrPH

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Corrine Williams, ScD, MS

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Richard Crosby, PhD


This program involves a partnership among eight primary care clinics in the Buffalo Trace Area Development District (BTADD) of Kentucky and proposes implementing a mailed Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT), or FIT Pack, program to increase colorectal cancer screening (CRCS) rates in this region. Mailing FIT tests to eligible patients is an evidence-­‐based program that has been shown to increase CRCS among patients included in studies. The program will occur at the clinic level. Clinics will mail FITs and information leaflets to patients based on patient eligibility criteria identified in clinic electronic health records. The program’s short-­‐term goals are to increase in CRCS among eligible patients, to increase colonoscopy referral among patients with positive FIT results, to increase provider knowledge of CRCS guidelines and strategies to increase CRCS, and to increase patient acceptance of recommended CRCS methods. Long-­‐term outcomes will include an overall increase in CRCS in the BTADD, a reduction in late-­‐stage colorectal cancer (CRC) diagnoses, a reduction in life-­‐ years lost to CRC, a reduction in CRC treatment-­‐related morbidity and mortality, and an increase in overall community awareness and acceptance of CRCS methods. This program will partner with the Bracken, Fleming, Lewis, and Mason County PrimaryPlus Clinics, and the Fleming, Lewis, Bracken, and Buffalo Trace District Health Departments to identify and reach patients who are overdue for CRCS. Additionally, the Southern Ohio Medical Center, Buffalo Trace Gastroenterology, and the Meadowview Regional Medical Center will collaborate with clinic and program staff to serve as referral sites for colonoscopy or sources of additional information or expert opinions. Several local community representatives will contribute to the implementation plan for the FIT Pack program. Representatives from the Buffalo Trace District Cancer Council will assist with program promotion within the community. All activities in this program will be monitored and evaluated to ensure appropriate implementation and expected outcomes. The results from this project will be shared with other public health professionals at state and national conferences, including the American Public Health Association and Kentucky Public Health Association annual meetings.

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