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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Dr. Kathryn Cardarelli

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Dr. Angela Carman

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Dr. Mark Swanson


Hypertension disproportionately affects Africans Americans more than their White counterparts. Counseling African Americans to Control Hypertension (CAATCH) is an intervention program that is targeted at African American adults to decrease uncontrolled hypertension. The CAATCH intervention has three components, which includes 1) computerized hypertension education, 2) at home blood pressure monitoring, and 3) behavioral counseling. The CAATCH intervention will be implemented in three sites in the northwest portion of Jefferson County in Louisville, KY. The overall goals of the CAATCH intervention are to decrease the number of participants who suffer from uncontrolled hypertension, increase knowledge of hypertension among participants, increase the amount of participants who can correctly self-measure their blood pressure, and increase the amount of participants who engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors. In the longer term, the intervention is intended to decrease the amount of participants who are seen in the emergency department (ED) due to hypertension complications, reduced healthcare costs in medical expenses, and decrease in hypertension related complications.

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